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Adoption FAQs

What are your requirements for adopters?

All adopters must be 18+ with valid ID. Each cat will need different things from their furever home, so chat with our Cat Bouncers about the cat(s) you’re interested in to learn about what the cat's purrsonal requirements are.

Where do you get the cats?

All our kitties come from our shelter pawtner, Regional Animal Services of King County!

When will you start the adoption purrocess for the cat I want?

That depends! Every kitty opens up at their own pace, so we don’t have set timelines for when a cat is going to be ready for adoption. Their kitty caretakers work together to monitor each cat's behavior and determine when it’s furever home time!

Why do the cats stay for so long?

It keeps everypawdy happy and healthy! Making sure that our cats feel safe, comfortable, and loved at NEKO is our top purriority. By thoughtfully transitioning cats in-and-out of the cat room at a chill pace, we’re able to maintain their stress-free space. It also gives us time to get to know each cat purrsonally so we can match them with their purrfect furever homes!

How do cats become residents? Do residents ever become available for adoption?

Our residents are happy cafe kitties that stay with us as long-term role models for our ever-changing colony of adoptable cats. They're supurr secure cats that trust their humans, play well with others, & help love on the newbies! Resident cats rarely become adoptable, but when they let us know it's time for them to retire from cafe life, they typically find their furever home with a member of their NEKO family!

Are they all spayed/neutered?

Yes! All our cats are fixed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all vaccinations and flea/parasite preventatives. A few have high school diplomas, too.

What if I want to adopt a cat sooner, like, today?

Our shelter pawtner, RASKC, has cats available for same-day adoptions!

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