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Picture of McJagger


Aggressively Handsome
BreedDomestic Shorthair
ColorSeal Point
Animal IDA692709
Intake Date08/18/2023

Status: Adopted in Seattle

⁠McJagger (fast food cousin of Mick Jagger) is an insanely pretty blue-eyed boy at NEKO Seattle who's looking for the right home as soooon as pawsible!⁠

McJagger is a young, playful, energetic boy who gets easily excited. He really loves being near his humans and we suspect he’ll become a chatty little shadow to his fave person in time.⁠

That said, this guy also gets overstimulated & overwhelmed quickly when socializing up-close and may react by biting. The team’s taken a couple hearty McJagger bites and can confirm this is a sweetie with a strong jaw. We often take kitties who need help learning how to be house cats, but McJagger is going to need a chiller environment than NEKO to learn the ropes. ⁠⁠

We’re looking for patient human(s) who’re gonna invest in a kitty that we just know will end up being a best friend. Someone who can purrvide room for this independent kitty to do his own thing, watch for cues when giving him attention to give him space before he asks for it, and let him do his own thing with occasional moments of very calm and gentle interaction.


  • No other pets ⁠
  • No young kids⁠
  • Experienced cat-savvy folk(s) who can read cat language well⁠
  • Folk(s) who will play with him! Lots!
  • Purrsonal space (ie. would likely not do well in a microstudio)⁠⁠

If you’re interested in McJagger, email us at info@nekocatcafe.com and come meet him IRL in Seattle as soon as pawsible! Your Cat Bouncer will intromewce you to him!

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