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Picture of Eros


Sweet Boy Looking for a Single-Cat Lifestyle
Age2 Years Old
BreedDomestic Shorthair
Intake Date04/08/2023

Status: Adopted in Bellingham

Come Meet My Friends!

Anypawdy in want of a single handsome grey lover boi? Meet Eros!

Eros is a 2-year-old lap cat with a sweet soul who just wants to plop down on his humans and quietly enjoy the day. He's a cat person's kind of cat!

Eros is a sensitive guy who gets overstimulated by hectic environments and frustrated when other kitties try to join his play sesh, so he's looking for a home with no kiddos + no other kitties. We haven't seen him meet any dogs, but our instinct is that he'd be okay with a lazy dog that could tolerate a bossy kitty.

We're hoping to get Eros in a new home as soon as pawsible, so if he sounds like your cup of earl grey tea: Book to meet him at NEKO Bellingham! Be sure to ask your Cat Bouncer to introduce you as he may be chillin' in the back!

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