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NEKO Pride, October 18 2016

As cat lovers, we know how soothing a cat’s purr can be or how a little snuggling can make a world of difference. We also know that our furry friend’s playful nature, mixed with endless nudges and playful nibbles bring out full belly laughter. Living in Seattle can definitely keep people on their toes. There is so much to do, but often so little time, which means it’s nice to savor the special moments with your furever friend. Speaking of those moments, what if I told you that they actually go far beyond just making you happy, but actually serve as medically beneficial?

At NEKO Cat Café we want your experience to be purrfect, so what better way to prepare you for endless playtime than by sharing 10 health benefits of owning a cat. Sit back, get your cup of coffee, find a kitty, and dive in!

1.)   Help reduce stress and anxiety

Since cats are known for being low-maintenance, you’re more likely to sit down and enjoy a good petting session. These moments can help your brain release chemicals known to sooth and elevate triggers.

2.)   Owning a cat increases sociability

There are many perks to being a cat owner, one of which is it serves as a great conversation starter and helps better socialization. Studies show women are more likely to date men that own a cat because it suggests sensitivity and intelligence. So go to your favorite place in Capitol Hill and talk all about your cat(s).

3.)   They provide therapeutic benefits

In addition to stress and anxiety, owning a cat has additional therapeutic benefits. People who are experiencing feelings of loss or mourning have reported that having a cat has helped them alleviate those feelings; claiming it was easier to vent to their cat because they will listen rather than response. An additional study shows that children with autism were less anxious while petting a cat.

4.)   Help boost immunity

Exposure to pet dander and fur result in a higher resistance to allergens, which decreases the risk of allergies and asthma.

5.)   Decrease risk of heart disease and heart attacks

The University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis conducted a study that reported that about 30-40 percent of people who don’t own cats are more likely to die of heart attacks than cat owners.

6.)   Can lower blood pressure

Since cats are known for their calming effects, owners are less likely to experience high-blood pressure. Researchers conducted a study showing how the cat owner’s blood pressure would increase while speaking loud, but when they were talking to their cats, their blood pressure remained constant.

7.)   They also lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Additionally, cat owners will also experience lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, resulting in a decrease in the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, strokes, and liver and kidney disease.

8.)   Decrease the risk of stroke

Studies show that cat owners are less likely to experience a stroke. Researchers believe this is also a result of cats being low-maintenance.

9.)   Reduce your carbon footprint

Since cats are more likely to consume corn, fish or beef flavored products, and general smaller portions of food overall, they only take up the carbon footprint of a Volkswagen Golf.

10.)  Provide endless companionship

A 2003 study revealed that owning a cat is similar to having a romantic partner, thus decreasing feelings of loneliness.

You can experience many of these benefits by visiting a cat café like NEKO.

We can’t wait fur you to visit, play, and enjoy some local Seattle coffee!


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