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NEKO Pride, July 15 2016

*This post was migrated from our old site and lost all of the images. =^.^=

Here at NEKO Cat Cafe in Seattle, we know we're not the only ones who cherish the Internet famous cats. Some of these adorable kitties have over a million followers, which is pretty incredible to say the least.

We've also decided to throw in a few we consider to be "rising stars" in the Internet famous world of cats. You're welcome. Meow. =^.^=

Psst - There's an Insta-famous kitty from Seattle. Can you guess which one?

1. Kozho - a chunky adorable cat from Japan. Don't you just want to give him some belly rubs?!

Followers: ~ 10k

2. Nala - 50% Siamese, 50% Tabby. 100% adorable. She has the biggest and most beautiful eyes! (And she's sister to the famous Coffee Cat!)

Followers: 2.9m

3. Venus - We can't get enough of this sweet baby with two different faces.

Followers: 1m

4. Pudge - Her profile says, "I'm a girl & my mustache is better than yours." We'd say you have a pretty solid 'stache, Pudge! Here she is on her birthday last week.

Followers: 608k

5. Smoothie - It's been said that this fluffy girl is the world's most photogenic cat. What do you think?

Followers: 432k

6. Mr. White - Better known by his followers as "White Coffee Cat," Coffee is unfortunately currently fighting kitty Lymphoma, but we think he'll beat it! He's so precious. 

Followers: 1.2m

7. June - He's a 3-year-old Dutch Maine Coon with some major 'tude.

Followers: 73.5k

8. Waffles - There's something so endearing about his little folded ears. :)

Followers: 368

9. Noah - We are so in love with his black little nose!

Followers: 21.3k

10. Kyle - Every day is Whisker Wednesday for this cat!

Followers: 70.6k

11. Talvi - How you anyone not love a face like that?!

Followers: 1.7k

12. River - The rescue cat who wears lots of different colored bow-ties. Whatta sweetie pie. 

Followers: 7.2k 

13. Felix - A cuddly Bengal from Norway.  

Followers: 45k

14. Grace - The Maine Coon from Finland. She's still a kitten. We love her little linx ears.

Followers: 1k

15. Reggie - Literally the fluffiest lil guy ever! And those eyes!! :0

Followers: 12.5k

16. Oskar - And last but not least: Oskar and his family moved from Omaha, Nebraska and now have been living here in Seattle since 2012!

Followers: 333k

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