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5 Cat Movies You Need to See

NEKO Pride, April 26 2017

Whether you're two years old, or 20 years old, sometimes we need to just relax with a good old fashioned children's movie. Believe it or not, there's a whole list of movies about cats on Wikipedia. Here are some of our favorites.


Follow Duchess and her three kittens who have been living the lavish life, as they are stolen from their home in the night and made to find their way back on their own... if they can. Along the way they make friends with Thomas "O'Malley the Alleycat" O'Malley,a streetwise tomcat who takes a liking to the family. Made in 1970, the film itself is older than most of our audience, yet we can probably all still remember watching it as kids. 


Lost and alone, Oliver has no choice but to make it however he can. After teaming up with a gang of dogs, Oliver finds himself a part of a loving family of misfits proving it's not always what material things people can give you, but the love they can give you instead. 


Originally known for his big eyes and charming wits in the Shrek films by Dreamworks, Puss finally gets his own movie in Puss in Boots. Follow Puss on his rip-roaring adventures that include animated escape plans, comical brawls and a feline love interest. 


Everyone's favorite fat orange cat has his own movie! In fact, he has multiple movie! From comics, to cartoons, to merchandise Garfield has been a hit for years. In his first movie,  Garfield is faced with a choice as his owner (Jon) brings home another animal, a dog named Odie. When Odie goes missing, it's up to Garfield to save the day and the dog.


Big cats count too! A fan favorite and instant classic the Lion King is the original coming of age story. Follow Simba from birth, through tragedies like being outcast, making new friends and finally coming home and facing his evil uncle Scar. A film that is always relevant, always entertaining, and always a child's favorite, the Lion King has been captivating audiences since 1994 and continues to do so today.

DISCLAIMER: When chosing a film for your kids (especially from the Wiki-list) preview them first. However, these five movies are all child friendly.

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