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NEKO Pride, August 09 2016

It's amazing to think about all the incredible places in the world that people have created for cats to have a safe space --even for kitties that were deemed "unadoptable" by some. There are shelters, cafes like NEKO Cat Cafe in Seattle and then there are sanctuaries.

From perfectly healthy cats, to cats that are blind or have FIV, cat sanctuaries take in cats of all shapes and forms. They give cats forever homes on a wide open space, with unconditional love and companionship. Which if you ask us, is pretty freakin' awesome! So, us kitty-lovers here at NEKO Cat Cafe wanted to share just a handful noteworthy sanctuaries with you. 

1. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary -St. Pauls, North Carolina 

A mother and daughter adopted their first blind cat some odd years ago and realized that blind cats act just like seeing cats! Then they adopted a couple more and started to realize how many blind cats needed a safe space, so they opened up this wonderful sanctuary for blind kitties to have forever homes. In the state of North Carolina, it's legal to euthanize cats only because they're blind so this is a great thing for everyone!

2. Lanai Cat Sanctuary - Lanai City, Hawaii

This is a go-to the next time you're planning your tropical trip to Hawaii. This sanctuary is home to 500 cats which you can snuggle and play with. Their call their cats the "Hawaiian Lions." How cute is that?!

3. Pasado's Safe Haven - Cascade Mountains, Washington

For those of you in Seattle, this is going to be easiest place to visit. Not only is this a safe haven for cats, it's also home to cows, peacocks, pigs and everything in between. A true animal paradise where animals can roam free on 85 acres of land. 

4. Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary - South Africa

This sanctuary is a little different from the rest, because it's a sanctuary for big cats! Many of these cats have been rescued from circuses in South America but now have finally arrived at their forever home.

5. The Cat House on the Kings - California, United States

This cat sanctuary has been around for about 25 years and has rescued more than 24,000 cats over the span of being opened. It's now home to about 700 cats, which are all adoptable.

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