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NEKO Pride, March 13 2017

Last week we talked about cat-friendly DIYs including how to make an indoor cat garden. We have put together some of our favorites plants for your kitty that will have them convinced they are living in a jungle.

Wheat/oat grass: Commonly referred to as "cat grass" this plant can grow to be 5 feet tall outside, but is best for cats at just one foot inside. Beware of seeds the plants produce as they are toxic to cats.

Mint: Not only does this plant attract cats, it deters mice. A definite must for any cat garden.

Catnip: Rather while catnip is rather cliche, it still makes our list. Nothing makes a cat happier than a bit of catnip on their favorite toy or scratching post. This plant attracts ALL cats which may lessen the excitement for your own cat, so it may be best to grow it where only your furry friend can reap the benefits

Carrots: Cats love carrots and while raw carrots aren't toxic for cats, they're best served baked or boiled until soft to prevent choking and digestive hazards.

Lavender: Cats are drawn to the smell, but if they ingest too much it could cause harm. This plant while soothing, may be best left to be smelled and not eaten.

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