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NEKO Pride, February 15 2017

Now that you've gotten a cat, things are about to change... a lot. Here are the top five things bound to be different when you have a furry house master. 

1. Bed. If you're one of those people who like to sleep in and enjoy your days off... think again. If Fluffy is used to you waking up at 7 to feed him, you better believe he'll let you know that just because your off, doesn't mean meal service is delayed. If you move your feet in your sleep, chances are they're your cats new favorite toy, and bed time? More like the perfect time to play.

2. Your Wardrobe. Black may be slimming, but it's also the most prone to cat hair. No matter how much you brush and bathe your cat, there's always more fur. You'll reach a point where lint rollers just don't cut it anymore, and heaven forbid you forget to pick up those black slacks for work, they're now 50 shades of cat hair.

3. Surfaces. Living with a cat means that you can expect every surface within reach to be cleared whether you want it to be or not. Your favorite coffee cup? On the floor in a million pieces. Your new NEKO Seattle Newsletter? In shreds all over the house because, "Don't you even think about another cat." -Fluffy

4. Walking Around. Okay this one is kind of adorable to an extent. Every time you get up to walk somewhere, you can expect to have your feline shadow. Especially if you're headed towards the kitchen, where there just might be food. This is cute until your cat decides to get under your feet and you nearly trip. If you have done enough walking, your cat might also let you know with a swipe of the paw. 

5. Relaxing. You've come home after a long day, eaten dinner, cleaned the cat box, played until you both can't play anymore, and now comes the best part. As you sit down to catch up on your favorite show, here comes Fluffy the Purr Master to join you. There's really nothing like cuddling up with your (mostly) loveable furball after a long day.

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