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6 Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

NEKO Pride, April 27 2017

Cats are our wonderful little weirdos, but do you ever wonder why they do certain things and what them mean? Here are 6 common behaviors you may see in your cat and what they mean.


Aww! How cute is it when your cat rubs against your hands and legs when you come home? Not only are they telling you they're happy to see you, but Kitty is also "scent marking" you. Not to be confused with scratching furniture, a behavior you should be weary off.


All cat owners have come to know that personal space doesn't exist in Kitty World, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. When your cat sniffs your face it's because they want to know every scent and smell associated with you. You're their whole world in most cases and they just want to know you the best they can.


Short meows are typically your cat's form of greeting or may be to let you know they're getting ready to jump onto the couch or into your lap. Long meows however, most likely mean your cat needs something. Much like a baby's cry, owner's begin to understand what their cat needs when he meows for longer, whether it be food or wanting to go outside.


Beware of this behavior. Your cat is clearly trying to tell someone (you or another cat) he's the boss. Typically this just means your cat feels that you are encroaching on their dominance. However, it could also mean health problems such as a urinary tract infection. Be sure to check with your veterinarian if this persists.


It's easy to assume that when your cat's ears are twitching it's because they're curious, but that's not the case here. When your cat's ears are constantly twitching it may be a sign of irritation or anger. When this happens, it's best to either leave your cat alone or remove them from the situation that is frustrating them.


You know that sound your cat makes when they see a bird outside or a toy they can't reach? That's the chattering we're talking about here. While owners may laugh at this sound because it seems so odd coming from your cat, it's actually a sign of frustration. Try to help by having consistent play sessions with you kitty. 

What funny behavior does your kitty do? Let us know in the comments below!

Picture Credit: @sfregicat (Instagram)

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