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NEKO Pride, November 11 2016

As I sit here with my cat staring at me intensely as I type (you know that I can see your soul kind of stare), I am reminded of just how interesting they truly are.

At NEKO Seattle we thought it would be fun to start your Friday with some silly cat facts to celebrate the weekend. So, get that cup of coffee in hand, grab your kitty (or all of them, we don't care) and enjoy! ;)

1. The first cat in space was Felicette (aka "Astrocat"-- pictured above) from France. In 1963 she was sent into outer space with electrodes implanted into her brain that sent signals back to Earth. She made a safe trip back to Earth with some pawsome new memories.

2. 30% of households in North America own a cat. That's about 63 million! Woah.

3. Researchers are still unsure of what causes cats to purrr. 

4. The largest cat litter ever produced was 19 kittens. Yes please!

5. The most popular pedigreed cat breeds are (in order): Persian, Main Coon, and Siamese.

6. A cat can jump 5 times its own size in a single bound. 

Happy Friday! 

Meow =^..^=

PC: Purr n Furr

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