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NEKO Pride, November 28 2016

Every wonder why your cat gets reallllyyy close, sniffs your face and lingers?

We did too! So, we thought we'd step away from the copious amounts of cat cuddles and Seattle coffee (for just a minute) to share with you a compilation of facts about cat noses, because why not?

At NEKO cat cafe, we're all about keeping it cute and fun, with a dash of silly. 

  • Cats are born with a sense of smell 14 times stronger than humans. They have 200 million scent receptors in their nasal cavity (woah!)
  • They use their sense of smell in order to stimulate their appetite because they don't have nearly as many taste receptors
  • Much like fingerprints, a cat's nose has a unique printing that's made up of different patterns of ridges.
  • The color of a cat's nose correlates with the color of their fur (sometimes they even have freckles!)
  • The skin around a cat's nose is known as "nose leather" (now, THAT's random) 
  • Mutual sniffing is considered a feline greeting (I mean, look how cute!?)



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