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NEKO Pride, November 25 2016

*This post was migrated from our old site and lost all of the images. =^.^=

We've covered the purrfect gifts for your neighborhood cat lover, but what about that furry friend that keeps your heart full?

If there's one thing that brings me joy, it's seeing a cat play with a new toy or enjoying a treat.

Since I know you feel the same way, I've made sure that we at NEKO Seattle share some of the best gifts to get your pawsome cat this holiday season. 

1.) Ice Cream Truck (for cats!?) 

For the cats that need to start paying rent! 

2.) Cat Hammock

The purrfect place for a cat nap!

3.) Catnip Fortune Cookies

Even when you don't want to share your Chinese food leftovers, they can still have a treat! 

4.) Whale Scratching Post

For those that are adventurous! 

5.) Kitty Maze

For when we all just need our cats to be entertained! 

6.) Catbernet

Raise your paw if you think this would be purrrfect for the cat cafe!? 

Now I know what some of you are thinking, "But my cat has enough treats!"



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