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NEKO Pride, April 05 2017

These goodies can be summed up in one word, YUM! As we put together our menu for NEKO we can't help but get really, really hungry.

We are pumped to bring you guys some delicious Japan-inspired bites from bakers around the Seattle area like the cake donuts above!

These locally made Mochi (above) are handmade in traditional Japanese fashion. They are paw-sitively perfect.

Have you ever tried a Japanese-style sandwich? The bread is made fresh daily and get this....no crust! All of your childhood dreams are about to come true. These sandwiches come in savory and sweet flavors like pork cutlet, egg salad & strawberry. They might look like your average sandwich but trust us, they are far from it. 

These cat-cookies are too cute! What is your favorite kind of cookie? Let us know in the comments below.

Your coffee just got WAY cuter with these cat marshmallows from Japan. Would you order your coffee with a kitty topper?

What if you could reserve the entire cat cafe or cat room for your Birthday party or corporate event? You can! Make it over the top with a whole cake you can special order! 

Getting hungry yet? So are we!

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