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NEKO Pride, February 13 2017

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to limit your cat to living strictly indoors. In busy cities like Seattle, even a microchipped cat can become lost or injured in the busy streets.

We here at NEKO Seattle understand you have your cats’ best interest at heart when making this decision, that's why we’re giving you these six tips on how to entertain an indoor cat.

1: Be a little messy.

While we don’t condone leaving your home so messy that you’re now unable to find your cat; cats love to explore new things like paper bags and boxes. Purina even posted a video showing you step-by-step how to make a cat tent using household objects.

2: “Cat TV”

You don’t have to buy a TV just for when you leave your kitty alone, just give them access to a window where they can see the outside world. If you live near a busy road, consider leaving that window unobstructed to provide constant motion and sound for your cat. You can even buy a perch that suctions to the window for your cat to lay on.

3: Mock hunts.

Living indoors means most cats don’t have the opportunity to hunt, but you can still recreate that experience indoors. Try hiding food or treats around the house or under lightweight, not easily damaged items like a plastic coffee cup. Some pet stores even carry food dispensing toys specifically for this purpose.

4: Get out of the house.

If you have the chance to take your cat somewhere where they can be outside safely supervised, take it. Make sure you are a safe distance away from potential dangers, but not secluded enough to where your feline doesn’t experience any near sights, sounds, and smells. If you don’t have a safe area near you, consider making one by building or buying a “catio,” which allows your cat the freedom to go outside, while still providing a safe, enclosed space.

5: Kitty gardens.

Cats with access to the outdoors, also have access to plants and grasses that indoor cats don’t. Most pet stores carry some type of grow-your-own cat friendly plant, especially catnip. These kits are typically small enough to fit in windowsills or counters so they are out of the way, but still accessible to your cat.


6: Play with your cat!

Playing with your cat not only provides your cat with plenty of exercise, but also forms a bond between you can your companion. When your cat is finally tuckered out, you might even be able to catch up on your favorite show together on the couch, where cats love to lounge.

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