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NEKO Pride, December 27 2016

With New Years Ever right around the corner, we know you're ready to let your hair down and kiss 2016 goodbye (literally).

Whether you're enjoying a peaceful night in, scrambling for last minute plans or living it up at a party you've been planning for months, at NEKO Seattle we have 8 pawsome tips to help you keep your furry friend happy and healthy as you ring in 2017. 

1.) Play with your cat during the day to release energy and keep them calm at night.

2.) If possible, considering housing your cat in a spacious room away from party goers to relieve any stress.

3.) If you're going out for the night and leaving your cat at home, use a white noise machine to distract your cat from fireworks, yelling, etc.

4.) If you're hosting a party and plan on a lot of people going in and out, make sure your cat's microchip and vaccine tags are up-to-date 

5.) Keep cats away from liquor soaked and fatty foods.

6.) Make sure to bring outdoor cats inside. 

7.) Ensure that your cat's feeding, sleeping and eliminating schedule is the same, as too much change can cause anxiety.

8.) If you're staying in or near your home, check on your cat as needed. 

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