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A journey quite wiggly for our sweet Quigley

NEKO Pride, January 25 2019

We are honored to be highlighted on Best Friends website for one of our cats journey through hardship and splendor.

In early September we were contacted by Mojo's Hope, a shelter operating out of Anchorage, AK. about a cat they had just rescued. What makes this cat so unique is that the cat had been found in a live trap out in the interior of Eagle Creek, AK by Anchorage Animal Care & Control. When he arrived at Mojo's Hope, Shannon (their founder) took a look at the handsome furball and named him Quigley. Quigley went through the standard shelter protocol with a medical exam, bloodwork and any needed vaccinations. When the bloodwork came back, they found out that he was Feline Leukemia positive, FeLV+, which makes it quite difficult to place into forever homes.

But there was hope for the handsome Quigley.

With time, his personality really begin to take shape as he started to become more comfortable with people and love. Shannon found out about us at NEKO and reached out with his story. We were ecstatic. Through the help of Regional Animal Services of King County, Best Friends and Mojo's Hope, we were able to transport Quigley to Seattle and into NEKO. 

Quigley was a star here! He was charming and caring. Usually found grooming all of the other kittes and pouring his heart into anyone that came into NEKO. Recently, our sweet Quigley was adopted by one of our staff and is now in his forever home. We are so thankful for all the selfless people who saved Quigley and brought him to the NEKO family. FeLV positive kitties deserve the same love as any and we are so thankful we can give them that chance. 

You can read the full article here.

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