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NEKO Pride, March 29 2017

As NEKO prepares to open our doors this summer, we can't stress enough the importance of adoption. The main mission behind NEKO is to give you a unique and fun way to adopt a kitty. Last week we reached out to you, our followers, to hear some of your adoption tails.

Here are a few of them:

Ponyo @smooshyponyo on Instagram (told by Brittany Hood)

They adopted their little gal, Ponyo, almost two years ago from Craigslist! She was sadly living in a very dirty house and when they first met her, she was covered in mats, ringworm, and fleas. The previous owner kept her cooped up in his bedroom which was heartbreaking for Hood. She held Ponyo in her arms for the first time and she snuggled right into her. They adopted her immediately, cleaned her up and took her to the vet. They named her Ponyo after the Hayao Miyazaki film "Ponyo", which is based on Miyazaki's idea of what a "soft, squishy softness" sounds like when touched!

“She’s the light of my life and I can’t wait to spend many more years to come with her.”
— Hood

Top photo and Above: Akela @litte.akela on Instagram (told by @kat_males on Instagram)
Males and her boyfriend adopted Akela from a PetSmart adoption fair in Canada just over a month ago. They searched all day for a cat to add to their family and finally found Akela as the store was closing. The next day they got up bright and early to be first in line to adopt. 

“We waited hours to finally hold him and when we did, it was instant love.”
— Males

After signing paperwork with the Toronto Humane Society, the couple brought him home and have spoiled him ever since.  

Thumbnail and Above: Lou (told by Angelica Bartorelli)

After finding an add on Craigslist to pick up some tabby kittens, Angelica and her roommate made the trip to Grandview with little to no reservations. After seeing the conditions that she thought were unfit for a litter of kittens, she decided that in addition to adopting Lou they'd also take home River. She says even though it pained them to take the kittens away from a little girl, they knew that giving them a life --outside of a broken-down trailer filled with secondhand smoke-- would be the life they deserved. 

Left to Right: Remy & Snickers (told by The Perkins-Hyland family)

The couple relocated for school and missed having animals around. They adopted Remy in late October of 2016 from Wenatchee Valley Humane Society when he was five months old. They had seen him online and during a trip to the humane society they spotted him hiding in the back of his cage. After sitting with him until closing he was still timid. Yet something told them to come back....a few days later they went back to sign his adoption papers.

“As soon as we picked him up, it was like he knew that we adopted him. He just rolled over in our laps.”
— The Perkins-Hyland Family

Fast forward four months and the couple adopted Snickers from Wags to Riches Rescue in February of 2017 as a companion for Remy. She was everyone's favorite at PetSmart. As soon as they held her she started purring and latched on to their sweatshirts and they knew she was the one. The day after they sent in an application, her Petfinder page said her adoption was pending and they thought for sure they had lost her, but a few days later they got a call saying that they were the reason her adoption was pending and she was ready to go home. The couple picked her up the next night and after the mandatory hissing period, Remy and Snickers have been inseparable.

NEKO would like to thank everyone who sumbitted stories for this post! We would not be able to do what we do without the overwhelming support of our followers!

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