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NEKO Pride, August 19 2016

*This post was migrated from our old site and lost all of the images and video links. =^.^=

When most of think about getting a cat, rarely do we think about training it like we do with a new dog. There's no way that cats can be taught tricks, right? They're independent creatures! NEKO Cat Cafe is here to tell you that it's just NOT true!! 

According to animals.howstuffworks.com, it doesn't matter if your cat is a baby, (well, all cats are little babies our eyes!) an adult, from Seattle or half-way across the globe: it's never too late to start teaching your cat some epic tricks.  Take these talented kitties in the next few videos, for example. They can fist-bump, high-five, fetch and even skateboard. Pretty cool.

The Wall Street Journal explains in their article "Yes, You Can Teach Your Cat Tricks" that the best way to start training your kitty-cat is through positive reinforcement! Yelling at them will only train them to fear, not do magical tricks. 

The Journal goes on to say that food is also a great incentive for most cats to instill a learned behavior: "Cats are carnivorous by nature, so it should be no surprise that little morsels of chicken, ham or fish are often their most valued recompense." If your cat isn't food-obsessed, chin scratches or pets may also make your cat more willing to perform.

It's also important that you choose the right moment for training, which is when your fluff ball is happy and alert; you can't expect your cat to want to master a trick when she's snuggled up on her perch falling asleep or is feeling defiant. 

If you want to teach your cat to high-five, for example, animals.howstuffworks.com adds, "Training your cat to high-five is similar to training her to sit; begin by holding a treat slighting over her head, raising it high enough that she needs to reach for it -- when she does, touch her paw, say, "High Five!" and give her a reward for her efforts."

Using a clicker is also super helpful when trying to grasp a new trick. When your cat does her trick right, click your clicker and reward her with her treat! She will remember the sound of the clicker and associate it with happiness and treats and will be more likely to do what you want in the future.

All in all, no matter what trick you're trying to teach your fur baby, remember that it's going to take time, patience, and persistence... but it will be worth it! Now, if only we could train them to fetch our morning coffee! hehe :)

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