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NEKO Pride, May 02 2016

The majority of Seattleites are still in shock, disbelief and excitement when they hear cat and cafe in the same sentence. Until just over a year ago cat cafes were few and far between.

But the secret is out and the wildly popular Japanese trend is spreading across the world. The U.S. is now home to about 10 cat cafes with another handful in the works as we speak. 

More cat cafes is good news for cats and humans alike. While cat adoption rates increase as cat cafes spread, people have more and more opportunity to enjoy the long list of health benefits associated with cat time. Reduced stress, increased happiness and help with depression are all on the impressive list of benefits

Whether you are backpacking across Europe, lounging on the beach down under or wandering the streets of Seattle, cat cafes like NEKO are just around the corner. Check out 10 irresistibly cute cat cafes around the world here.

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