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NEKO Pride, September 19 2016

You have cat to be kitten me!

A cat has just proved it is possible to sleep 20 hours a day and still have a career. That's right folks, this lazy cat who goes by Mr. Ed has officially joined the Australian Mounted Police Force.


This blue jacket wearing tabby cat spends his days sleeping, eating and patrolling the stables of the New South Wales Mounted Police Force. His main mission; to keep the stables rodent problem under control. However, footage has recently surfaced on the NSW Police Facebook page that shows some compromising evidence of Mr. Ed being a little too lazy. 

Despite his less than perfect performance, Mr. Ed is making quite a name for himself around the world. Here he is with a few of his co-workers.

With any luck, Seattle will be next to add a cat to our police force and we at NEKO Cat Cafe fully support this movement. Until then, we can always dream. 


Photo Credit: NSW Facebook Page

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