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Cats & Gowns!

NEKO Pride, June 16 2021

Celebrate Caps & Gowns with the Cats in Town

Graduation is something to be purroud of, especially right meow. From purrimary school to mewniversity, your favorite grad deserves to party their paws off in-purrson.

Now, you can pick up a cat room gift card to celebrate the eduCATed people in your life. We can even help plan the purrfect graduation party in our purrivate cat room sessions!


Pawther's Day is this Sunday!

Cat Dad Day is coming up quick & there's still time to get their new favorite mug! Pounce down to our Seattle or Bellingham cafes to get your Cat Dad mug in time for Father's Day!

Also available in Cat Mom for all your pawrental figures.


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