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NEKO Pride, March 31 2017

One of the reasons we wanted to open NEKO was to give Seattleites who may be allergic to cats (but still love them) a chance to hang with them, even if just for an hour.

We know that cats can be absolutely irresistible, so we put together some suggestions to help reduce your allergy symptoms when you are at a friends house, in a cat cafe or at home. 

If you know you're going to be around felines, consider doing at least some of the following:

Take an allergy pill, antihistamine, or other medication beforehand if you can. This is an obvious choice, but may be easy to forget.

Try to avoid the comfiest looking furniture in the room. If you think it looks comfy, chances are the cat probably does too. 
If you're petting a cat (because sometimes we just can't help it), DON'T touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth until you wash your hands! When you get home wash your clothes and take a quick shower.

If you live with a cat, invest in an air filter. Cycling the pet dander out of the air around you helps alleviate and eliminate the cause of the allergic reaction.

Sometimes your pet's diet adds to your allergies. Talk to your vet about the healthiest food for both you and your feline!

Here is a great resource for some more tips and tricks. If you have a secret remedy, leave a comment or send us a message about what works best when it comes to combating your allergies!

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