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NEKO Pride, February 22 2017

For some cat owners, normal just isn't enough. If we just described you than an exotic breed may be right up your alley.

Did you know there are breeds of Lynx (like the one pictured above) you can actually keep as pets? Of course, you may be spending a pretty penny to own one. 

The goregous feline pictured above is Stetson, a Highland Lynx bred by American Exotic Cats in Southern California. The first successful generation of Highland, was bred in 1995, but is now almost fully domesticated. Some of the most notable features of this breed include their large stature (some can grow to be over 25 pounds!), soft fluffy coats, curled ears and more often than not, polydactal feet (extra toes). Because they are still related to wild cats, Highlands require more excerise and space than a normal cat.  I've been lucky enough to spend some time with a litter of these cats and was amazed that even at just a few weeks old they were active, alert, and could make a large variety of sounds. If you have a chance to get up close and personal with one of these cool cats, take it.  However, due to their large size and constant need for excerise busy Seattle is probably not the best place for these cats. 

Another favorite exotic of many cat lovers is the Bengal cat. Bengals are widely known for their unique markings and high energy. Although they look like a wild cat, Bengals have been domesticated since the mid 1900s when they were created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat and a Domestic Shorthair Cat. They can grow to be up 15 pounds! Overall, Bengals are friendly cats that need a lot of excerise and playtime and are generally healthy cats. For complete information on the Bengal breed click here.

If you come to decide a Highland Lynx, Bengal, or another exotic cat may be right for you, consider adopting before shopping for one. There are many exotic cat rescues in the area including: Seattle Persian and Himalaylan Rescue. An extensive list of cat rescues by breed can be found here.

Stetson the Lynx (Top): American Exotic Cats
Bengal (Thumbnail) : @xerxes_the_cat Instagram

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