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Halloween Costumes For Your Cat

NEKO Pride, October 31 2017


Dressing up your cat sounds so fun right? Unfortunately it's usually more fun for us than them so be sure ask yourself these questions when you attempt to put on their costume:

  • Are their ears flat on their head? 
  • Is your cat fighting you when you’re putting on an outfit? 
  • Is your cat vocalizing? 
  • Is your cat’s tail raised and fluffed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider not dressing up your cat. Be sure to monitor your cat’s behavior when dressed up and remove the costume if your cat show signs of distress. If you are lucky enough to have a kitty that loves costumes, we want to see! Tag us in your pics!

Have a great Halloween! Can't wait to see you at NEKO soon!

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