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NEKO Pride, August 15 2016

*This post was migrated from our old site and lost all of the images. =^.^=

It's easy to feel guilty that maybe your cat isn't getting enough stimulation if it's indoor its whole life. But the fact of the matter is that cats end up living relatively healthier and longer lives indoors.

So don't worry too much! NEKO Cat Cafe has you covered on the many different ways to keep your cat happy and busy within the confines of your home. 

1. Put bird feeders in a spot that your cat can easily do some bird watching. Cats are natural hunters and love being sneaky, so spying on birds is an activity that can keep them busy for a while.

2. Get your fluff ball a harness and leash for little walks so they still safely experience the outdoors. This is perfect for Seattle kitties who live on busy streets! (It's easiest to get your cat acclimated to being on-leash if you start when they're young!) 

3. Install a kitty climbing gym in your house. Cats love being able to explore and get to high-up places. It makes them feel independent, safe and gives them some alone time when they want it. (You can also install strong shelving units for your cat to climb for a more minimalist look.)

4. OR if you have enough space, build a catio! You can sit, drink your morning coffee and watch your kitty safely play in your fenced off area. This cat knows fresh air is the best!

5. Grow some cat grass! Outdoor cats eat grass because it's a natural laxative and also contains folic acid, which is a B vitamin that helps support your kitty's health. It also helps sooth upset tummies.

6. If your cat is super food-driven, you can make them work for it with a cat feeder like this one:

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