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NEKO Pride, September 06 2016

For many of us living within the city limits of Seattle, letting our cat outside to sniff around and explore isn't an option due to dangerous and busy streets. That's why people with indoor kitties have started making catios, (cat patios) which are essentially outdoor enclosures for your cat to hangout in. 

NEKO Cat Cafe found a handful of ideas online to get you started on making your dream catio.

To build your own DIY catio, click here for some catio-building tips.

Give yourself a space to sit and interact with your fur baby, while they play and you drink your morning coffee.

Build a tall catio so your kitty can climb.

If you don't have a ton of room, create a small space connected to your window so your cat can easily climb in and out.

Add greenery and some grass to give your cat more of an "authentic" outside experience.

Build your catio around a tall tree so your kitty can get their climb on!

Install astroturf on the inside of the cage if real grass isn't an option!

Make your catio into an obstacle course so your cat can play, hopping from ledge to ledge.

Make your catio multi-level. 

Add fluffy beds to high up spaces so your kitty can nap outside when it starts to get a little colder.

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