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NEKO Pride, March 30 2017

Finally! The weather that all of us on the West Coast have been waiting for is almost here! As we ever so slowly (but surely) shed our winter layers and stretch out in the sunshine, we need to start thinking about how to keep our cats cool as the weather heats up. 

Not to worry, we at NEKO have compiled a short list of things you can do to help your cat stay cool, happy and hydrated as the temperature climbs.


  • Plop a couple of ice cubes in Fluffy's water bowl to keep it cool all day. That way Fluffy can come and get a cool refreshing drink throughout the day. 
  • Make catsicles using recipes like these great ideas from Catster.  Simply freeze some of your cats' favorite treats in Dixie Cups. Yummy!


  • Consider giving your cat their own fan. This allows them to relax and lounge in front of their own cool breeze while you (hopefully) get to enjoy your own.
  • Sometimes a bed on the floor is just not royal enough for your frisky feline. Consider buying a cat throne or better yet, DIY
  • As much as kitties love to look out windows, sometimes it's just too hot. Consider closing the curtains on windows that sun directly streams through in order to keep your cat (and house) cooler.


Cats shed their winter coats in order to better regulate their body temperature during the warm months, but sometimes there's more you can be do to help:

  • Get them a cooler cut. Lion cuts are a way to help regulate your cat's body temperature. However, not everyone likes the idea, and it's best to consult your vet to see if a lion cut is a good option for your cat.
  • If your vet doesn't recommend a lion cut, consider a stomach shave. That way Fluffy can get some relief by stretching his/her belly out on a cool surface.


  • In order to help prevent overheating, save playtime until the temperature starts dropping at the end of the day. That way both you and Fluffy will be more relaxed.
  • Consider dampening toys and sticking them in the freezer for a short period of time until they begin to frost, that way Fluffy can enjoy playing with a cool toy.

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