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NEKO Pride, September 13 2016

From Japan to Seattle no matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to escape advertisements. Plastered on billboards and buses, on city streets and in subway stations. So much so, that most of the time, we've learned to subconsciously not see them anymore. 

But there's a new reality for a small group of London locals who frequent the subway: cat photos have replaced about 65 advertisements in South London's Clapham Common tube station. (That's a reality that NEKO Cat Cafe wants to be living in!) The mastermind behind the idea is the organization Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS for short --too good!)

"The idea is that it creates a peaceful, hopefully quite fun (and funny) space that you walk through on your way to work," James Tuner tells CampaignTV in an interview. Upon entering the station you'll be greeted by six cat posters on either side of the hallway, which leads to an escalator that has a whopping 54 cat photos lining its walls.

"I think what this project is really about," Turner adds, "is showing the power of citizens transform[ing] a public space with something that they want, and maybe to take back that power." 

Many of the cats depicted in the photos are ones that are up for adoption. We think Seattle is in need of cat photos to replace some of our adverts, don't you?

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