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NEKO Pride, July 12 2016

*This post was migrated from our old site and lost all of the images. =^.^=

Japan loves teensy little things. (Take Momo the Chihuahua, who Japanese police force use as a rescue dog, or the fact that you can buy most beer in 4.5 oz. cans in Japan as examples.)

Although we don't have as many "fun size" things like that in Seattle, we do appreciate the small stuff. Like when a momma kitty-cat spits out a carbon copy of herself in kitten-form. 

We literally can't even. So NEKO Cat Cafe put together a little photo spread for you. 

Take it from Doctor Evil: mini-me's are the best. 

1. So much fluff to love!

2. Hehe :) They even have a similar expression.

3. Such cute pink noses!

4. Catnip and chill.

5. Mouse Hunting 101.

6. Snuggles from mama. 

7.  Just your typical Caterday afternoon.

8. The Meowington's first family photo.

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