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New Cat Alert! Welcome Albert and Hugo!

NEKO Pride, November 21 2018

Welcome to NEKO Albert and Hugo! Traveling from North Carolina and South Seattle!

We are very excited to welcome Albert and Hugo to the NEKO pride! They are up for adoption and ready for you to come snuggle and play! They haven't even been here a week and have made themselves feel comfortably at home. Come by the cat cafe to meet these little fur babies!



Albert mid-yawn, waiting for a lap to lie on. He is a huge snuggling machine.
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Hugo absolutely loves to play. Any sort of toy will capture his attention, literally ANYTHING.
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NEKO Cat Update:

Our recent adoptions have been Cody, Boris and next up is Toulouse! come get your playtime in with her before she heads off to her forever home!

Want to come meet the little fluffballs, be sure to book ahead!

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