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New Cat Alert! Welcome Matcha and Mochi

NEKO Pride, November 02 2018

Welcome to NEKO Matcha and Mochi... 2 new kitties from Las Angeles, CA!

We are excited to welcome Matcha and Mochi to the NEKO pride! They are up for adoption together right meow and are BEYOND handsome. They are bonded brothers and will melt your heart. Come by the cat cafe to meet these little fur babies!



A bit more outgoing of the two brothers and very handsome.
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May be a bit shy but will steal your heart, you have been warned. 
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NEKO Cat Update:

Our sweetheart Summer is back down at our partner shelter RASKC. She is beyond cute, however wasn't doing well with the other feline friends. She is in need of a loving home! Read more about me here.

Want to come meet the little fluffballs, be sure to book ahead!

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