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NEKO Pride, January 21 2016

Great article today about NEKO Cat Cafe in Seattle Refined.

By Paola Thomas

The cat café will house 10-15 cats of which the majority will be available for adoption through NEKO Cat Café's shelter partner (which will be announced shortly).

Some of the cats though - primarily older cats who are not usually popular adoption candidates - will be permanently adopted by the café, so there will be a core population of favorite cats for regulars to hang out with.

"Cats have an innate ability to connect with people and there is no doubt that spending time with them can make you feel good," says Unsell. "It's actually proven to reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood. Creating a space where humans and cats can relax and co-exist is a win for all of us."

The café won't just benefit the human population though. Unsell's other goal is to facilitate kitty adoption by showing the cats in their best possible light to potential owners. "By bringing humans and cats together we have a special opportunity to brighten peoples' days, while simultaneously alleviating overcrowding in Seattle's shelters, increasing cat adoptions and giving kitties the ultimate playground,' she says.

And that sounds like a win to us.

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