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NEKO Pride, February 27 2017

Wishing you could have dinner with your cat? Well it turns out you can! Here are some human foods you can use to spice up your fur baby's diet, and some you should stay away from. 


  • Proteins: (Cook Thoroughly!) Cats are carnivores, so meats and eggs are always an option to feed your cat provided you trim the fat! Safe foods include: skinless chicken, lean beef, and cooked eggs
  • Veggies: There are many different types of vegetables that cats can eat. However, good luck getting your cat to actually try them, cats are typically pickier than children when it comes to veggies. Safe foods include: Squash, peas, cucumber, cooked carrots, broccoli and green beans.
  • Grains: (Moderation is key!) Some cats like grains, some don't, but less is better when it comes to allowing your cat to have them. Because they are high-carb foods, your cat may gain too much weight if you let them indulge too often. Safe foods include: bread, plain oats, and oatmeal.
  • Fruits: (Beware of the seeds!) Sweet fruits aren't always a favorite for cats, but they can help digestive problems. Use caution with fruits that contain seeds that could harm your cat. Fruits can be fed to your kitty in a multitude of ways included fresh or blended. Safe fruits include: bananas, blueberries and peeled apples. 
  • Dairy: (Say no to plain milk!) Contrary to popular belief, milk is not the best choice for your cat and can lead to health problems. Instead try these dairy products: Hard Cheese (Cheddar, Gouda), Cottage Cheese and plain or low-fat yogurt.
  • Fish: (Small portions!) Too much fish can reduce the vitamins in your cat's system, but these types of fish are great in small doses: cooked Salmon and Tuna, canned fish and fish oil. We found a fantastic article explaining the dangers of too much fish here.


Chocolate: Like dogs, chocolate can be deadly for cats and should be avoided at all costs.

Milk: Despite what pop culture tells us, cats shouldn't have milk. While it isn't poisonous, milk can induce vomiting and may cause diarrhea.

Garlic/Onions: Cats as well as dogs are unable to digest foods from the Allium family which includes garlic and onions, even small dogs can prove fatal. For a more in depth analysis and a list of foods in the Allium family, click here.


This is not an exhaustive list! For a more complete list of safe and harmful foods, click here.

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