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NEKO Pride, March 25 2016

When you walk into Seattle's Cat Cafe, clearly you will have one thing on your mind, CATS! OK, maybe two, cats and champagne. 

So you grab some bubbly and spot your corner to chill out in the cat cafe. Your favorite kitty walks over and hops on your lap. BOOM, afternoon is complete. 

Just when you thought your afternoon couldn’t get any better, you spot the dopest cat goods you have ever seen. We are all about the #adoptdontshop movement, but what if you could adopt AND shop. NEKO is making that possible with our adoptable cats and cat-themed goods.

But wait! First we need your cat-obsessed expertise to help us find the coolest cat-themed items on the market from Seattle to Japan so we can sport them at NEKO Cat Cafe. Do you know a cat artist in Seattle? Hook us up! We want to get our paws on that! Let us know below!

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