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NEKO Pride, January 26 2016

By Michelle Lock

Snow alert! There’s a small chance that Seattle will be receiving some snow this weekend. That chance is slim (but still there) and It's always good to be prepared.

As we cat-lovers know, snow doesn’t stop cats from wandering out and about! Cats are fascinated by the falling fluffy flakes so be sure to keep these tips in mind to keep our furry friends warm and safe.

-Keep some sort of water or food supply outside if your cat stays outside for prolonged periods of time to ensure they’re properly nourished while playing.

-Have a shelter or a covered area for them to rest in and keep cozy if the coldness is too much for them; loosely stuffed pillowcases are great for them to lie on!

-When warming up your car or preparing to leave, ensure a cat isn’t hiding or playing on or beneath your car and tires or huddling under your engine for warmth

Thanks for keeping our furr-iends safe!

More tips can be found here and here.

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