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These cats are ready for summer, are you?

NEKO Pride, May 31 2017

Once again we challenged our followers to share their photos with us. This time, we wanted to see how your kitties prepared for and enjoyed the warm weather. Here is what we found!

Here's the lovely Ms. White basking in her own ray of sunshine! (Kate Spencer, Facebook)

The always pretty, sometimes derppy Aurora! (@aurorapurr Instagram)

The ever curious Sebastain! (@covenofcats Instagram)

The one who's always looking for an adventure! (@adventuresofsageandhops Instagram)

The poise and perched Miwo! (@miwo_mainecoon Instagram)

The fluffy and fabulous Gustav! (@gustavbatman Instagram)

And last but not least, Roy the cat who can't be bothered with pictures while stretched and sunning himself!  (Jordan Beregson, E-Mail)

Thank you to everyone who shared their sunny days with us! Look out for our next follower involvement post!

Top Photo/Thumbnail Credit: Jordan Beregson

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