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Who is Sake? Meet NEKO Seattle’s Resident Cafe Cat

NEKO Pride, June 04 2019

NEKO Seattle’s resident cat is known for his wiggly walk and love for belly rubs, but Sake’s purpose goes far beyond his ridiculous cuteness.

If you’ve ever come and spent time in our cat room, you’ve probably been introduced to Sake! His sweet tipped ear and bow-tied style may catch the eyes of visitors dying to adopt, but Sake’s resident status in the cafe means SO much to us and to the happiness of our adoptable kitties. 

Sake’s tipped ear comes from his life at a farm outside of Kent, used to warn animal workers that he’s already spayed and neutered. When a local cat was trapped and found to have Feline Leukemia, Animal Specialists trapped a colony to see if the virus had spread. Sake tested positive.

Thankfully with NEKO’s opening right around the corner, he had a place to go.

When he was just six months old, Sake was in the first pride of kitties who came about two weeks before NEKO’s grand opening. Unlike the goofy boy NEKO visitors know now, he was very shy and skittish with no interest in human or feline friends.

It took some time for Sake’s purrsonality to blossom.

With the help of other former residents like Michelangelo & Trixie, Sake became more comfortable with himself and the cat room. He showed us that he was the most outgoing & loving kitty in the pride! 


We are asked ALL the time why we have a Purrmanent Resident. Our shelter partner RASKC had recommended having some resident cats, and Sake fits the calling perfectly.

For resident cats, we need kitties who are friendly with humans, who enjoy the space, and who reach out to all the new cats coming in. Sake’s selfless & curious nature makes him the perfect candidate! He is always making sure everyone else is relaxed and well. Without hesitation, his cute tuxedo face is the first to greet new kitties and show them a good time.

A year and a half after NEKO Seattle’s opening, Sake’s hobbies include daily pawkour, playing with his favorite worm toy (which he carries around to his favorite hangout spot), and demanding aggressive belly rubs from team members and regulars. This sweet boy brings so much relentless love & happiness to our patrons and the kitties in our pride.

He has helped transition so many cats and loves being a bright light in the community. As long as he loves the space, Sake will call NEKO Seattle home!

Sake’s LOVES meeting new people and developing relationships with our visitors, so make a reservation today to see Sake’s wiggly self in action!

Come meet Sake and the pride!


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